A Conversation with Ben Serrette, Code Together Developer

This week Ben Serrette, Code Together’s lead developer, talks about his work with Treaty. Ben undertook the bulk of Treaty’s coding, and had quite a bit to share about challenges and successes, as well as some of his favorite Treaty features.

Ben admitted right off the bat that the whole process of developing Treaty was one big puzzle to solve—but that’s what makes coding a fun challenge. Ben said that one of the most difficult things about developing the document editor was keeping it to a basic functionality. Developing Treaty wasn’t about adding as many bells and whistles as possible. This can be counterintuitive from a developer’s perspective as you want your design to be as visually appealing and feature rich as possible. But such a design would defeat the whole purpose of Treaty. Treaty is intended to be a simple platform that can be extended and built up easily. The platform is all about customization—Ben wanted to leave it up to users to build what they need, rather than slowing them down with fancy add-ons they would never use.

Ben’s passion about his latest project is evident—if you ask him what he thinks is the coolest thing about Treaty, tag lined as a document editor, he’ll give you an unexpected reply. “Treaty isn’t just an editor,” he says. “It provides room to grow based on what you need for functionality.” Ben describes Treaty as an engine and communication function, not simply an editor. It goes back to the simplicity of the platform, because developers can shape Treaty into whatever they need. That’s the beauty of it.

That’s partly why Treaty is so easy to get up and running. By copy and pasting a few lines of JavaScript, you can be on your way. But don’t stop there—keep building and make Treaty your own. After all, Ben would want it that way!

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