The Momentum Continues—Announcing Treaty

The Squad team is off to a busy start in 2013 as we announced our latest product last week, Treaty. So what is it? Treaty is a real-time collaborative text and document editor that makes it easy to add document collaboration to existing web applications. Kira Newman of Tech Cocktail did a great job of evaluating the new solution in her article last week.

“Google Docs is probably the go-to destination for document sharing right now. But for app developers, it’s not ideal: users have to leave your application to work on their files, and then start sharing URLs. Instead, Treaty would keep users on your site, in a document editor with your own branding.”

To expand on Kira’s thoughts, Treaty does resemble Google Docs in some ways but is also very different. First, since it integrates directly with our customers’ web applications, so that the application’s users don’t have to leave to work on their documents. This is a big deal in terms of customer retention, because you really want to keep your customers on your site for as long as possible. In addition, for an end-user to use Google Docs, he (obviously) must first have a Google account (which may be rather ubiquitous but not entirely universal) and must then upload his documents to Google Drive before he can edit them with Google Docs. Documents simply uploaded to the web application generally can’t be opened with Google Docs. With Treaty, end-users can upload documents directly to the web application, and then edit them right there. 

We’re still in beta mode right now but have seen some great results so far. We’ve rolled out the tool to a number of testers and we (along with the testers) are happy with what we’re seeing so far. Ben, our resident developer extraordinaire, has been plugging away to get Treaty ready for full launch later this month. Check out some of the updates he made just this week:

  • Implementation Guide: This page provides all the implementation documentation needed to get started with Treaty. It gives implementation instructions for users who will be including Treaty in their existing applications, as well as some more general information about the available customizations and the API’s capabilities.
  • Examples and Tutorials: This page is fairly technical but a great tool for devs looking to implement Treaty. If offers examples of how Treaty can be used and customized.

We will be sure to continue with the updates as Treaty comes along both via the blog and our newly formed Treaty Twitter handle. In the meantime, check it out and tell us what you think by dropping a line in the comments section below.

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