Big Changes Today!

We’ve been working on some pretty serious changes here for the past month or so, and today we rolled out the first stage of our upgrades! These are mostly back-end changes to prepare for new features, but there are a few that you’ll notice right away.

Team Accounts are Open Again
We’ve opened up Team signups again, since we’ve added some new team-specific features and have more on the way.

New Look for Account Management
We’re making account management easier, especially for teams, so we’ve updated the interface where you can edit your contact and billing information.

File Browser Location Management
We’ve also added a new tab for everyone: File Browser Locations. On this page you’ll see the details for all your FTP/SFTP file browser locations, and will be able to edit these settings. No more deleting and re-adding due to a password change: just check “Change saved password” to update. In addition, you can now save your locations’ passwords by checking “Store password.”

Team File Browser Locations
If you have a Squad Team Account, any file browser locations you add will be visible to all team members. Storing a password for the location will allow any of your team members to work on the files in the location, which will be very helpful when we launch our next update, Workspaces. Note that if you don’t store a password, team members will have to enter the correct password to view and edit files.

Team Leaders can add, edit, and remove any file browser location created under a team account.

If you as an individual user are invited to collaborate with a team, their file browser locations will be visible to you, but any locations you have saved on your individual plan will not be visible to the team with which you are collaborating.

Improved Team Management
In addition to the file browser location management, team leaders can view a list of team members, their role in the team (leader, member or individual “Mercenary” invited to collaborate temporarily) and remove members from team as necessary. The Team Management tab also allows the team leader to invite additional members.

Note: If the email address entered corresponds with a user who already has an individual account, the user will be added to the team as a Mercenary and will not count against the 5 included users on the team plan. If the email does not correspond with an existing account, the user will be part of your team plan and will count as one of your 5 included users.

New Pricing
Last but not least, we’ve updated our pricing structure. We’ve bumped the individual plan down to $3.95/month to make is accessible to more users who are just learning to code and freelancers on a tight budget. The team plan is now $49.95/month, and additional users (past the 5 included) are $8.00/month.

Users on the old $9.00/month Individual plan will be automatically moved to the $3.95 plan, while users on the old $39.00/month Team plan will continue to pay only $39.00/month.

Coming Up Next…
We mentioned “workspaces” awhile ago, and we’re about halfway to getting that new feature out to you. You can think about a workspace as a set of files and a group of people that you can leave and return to as often as necessary. We had to beef up Squad’s user management capabilities before we could build the workspaces feature, but now we’re off and running with it. Workspaces will mean a completely re-imagined team plan, and should add value to the individual plans as well. Stay tuned by following us on Twitter, and let us know what you think of the changes by emailing us at

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