Big Squad Team Updates!

If you’re subscribed to the team plan, you may have noticed some changes this morning to your Squad account. Through testing with several large groups, we’ve added a number of new features to make collaborating in Squad even more convenient.

Group Management
A team is seldom a single group; most teams end up dividing work between several different groups. We’ve made it easy to define groups within your team by opening the Settings page and selecting “Groups.” There, you’ll be able to create, edit and delete groups and subgroups.

Team Roles
With the addition of groups comes the implementation of roles for team members. There
are three pre-defined roles:

  • admin
  • group leader
  • user

The admin role has access to all information in the team account and can administer all users. The account creator is always the account admin. Admins can designate group leaders.

Once placed in a group, a group leader team member can administer his own group, as well as invite new members to the team as a whole. Group leaders can see the list of all team members, and add the to his group. The group leader can designate users within his group.

The user role has the fewest permissions. Users can edit only their own account information, and can only see members of their own groups. User-level team members cannot designate roles for anyone else, or change their role.

At the moment, these are the only options available for user permissions. However, we plan to add the capability to define different custom names and permissions in the future.

Optimized for large teams
Because we’ve been testing these features with large groups for the past few months, we can now confidently say that Squad is optimized for use with large groups. After a little code restructuring, we have seen it running smoothly with up to 50 people logged into a single team simultaneously. Although that is the largest group we’ve tried, it should run quickly regardless of group size.

New Syntax Highlighting Modes
We’ve updated CodeMirror to the latest version, and with that added a number of new syntax highlighting modes, including Perl and Scheme. In addition, there are several new color themes to choose from instead of just light and dark.

Squad for Customer Service
Squad is now primed and ready to facilitate excellent customer support of API integration, client-hosted applications, and other solutions that require working on code with your customers. The team plan now supports local file browsing by anyone invited to a workspace, even if they do not have a Squad account. Previously, and currently in the Individual plan, invitees were always welcome to participate but could not open or save files.

We hope you enjoy these updates and find them useful! As always, we love to hear from you, so shoot us an email at or say hi on Twitter (@squadedit).

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