Summer is for Coding!

I remember so looking forward to summer vacation as a child, enjoying it for about a week, and then inevitably driving my mom crazy with lamentations of “I’m BORED” for the next six weeks. As a result, I ended up doing many summer camps over the years, ensuring that I never had a chance to be bored (at least not for long). Summer programming camps weren’t offered, or we weren’t aware of them, when I was young, but today’s students have a plethora of options to help them jump in feet-first to new coding adventures. Continue reading

The Learn-to-Code Movement Continues

I was a bit surprised when Mayor Bloomberg expressed his desire to learn to code at the beginning of last year. Since then, a coding movement has definitely exploded across the country! This movement got even more publicity this week when, a nonprofit aimed at growing computer programming education, released a video featuring an all-star lineup—from tech titans like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates to basketballers like Chris Bosh. Continue reading

Check Out Our Guest Post on!

Last week I had the opportunity to contribute to a great software developer community, wanted to hear about what we are doing with Squad and how it might fit in with the needs of the developer and startup communities. It was a great opportunity for me to think through and quantify how Squad has changed the way I think about development, how it’s affected our team’s development cycles (since we always use Squad to work on Squad), and ways other teams can incorporate collaboration into their culture. Check it out on the blog or find it reposted after the break!

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Announcing Vim Keybindings for Squad!

After talking with many dedicated vim users, it became clear that vim compatibility was a vital feature for Squad. Fortunately, Code Mirror made it relatively easy to add vim keybindings within Squad.

To turn on vim mode, open the “Edit” menu in Squad, and scroll over the “Key Bindings” item. There, select “Vim” and you’ll be ready to go. Note that selecting vim mode in your workspace won’t affect the keybindings for anyone who joins you in the workspace; every participant can choose vim or normal keybindings.

We hope you enjoy this new feature! Feel free to drop us an email at or tweet @squadedit to let us know what you think.

Squad and Agile Programming

Squad provides an interesting opportunity for coders working in agile teams to interact even more closely with each other and the code. Whatever level of agile programming you use—from totally pure to a hybrid implementation—communication and collaboration are surely important elements to your process. The ability to obtain feedback from multiple people in real-time is one of Squad’s many strengths; whether you are in the same room or across the country, Squad can provide the platform for sharing, reviewing, and updating code.

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So you’ve got your feet wet with coding…Now what?

We’ve been watching closely as startups like Codecademy and Treehouse have taken the world by storm with their instantly interactive step-by-step coding challenges that gamify the learning process.

We’ve joined in, and relished, the addictive high of one-upping ourselves and our friends by completing levels faster and better, eagerly waiting to devour new courses as they become available.

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