Verge Bloomington May 9, Brother’s Bar and Grill

This month’s Verge event featured some really cool ideas, and it was great to hear the founders talk about their work. I was familiar with all three companies, since they’re all related to SproutBox, but I enjoyed hearing their full pitches and getting a more in depth look at their companies. First up was Mike Beckwith from Evacua, a RunUp Labs company, followed by Joey Flores from Earbits, and a fireside chat with Mike Preuss of Continue reading

Encouraging Data about Female Entrepreneurs

I’d like to spend some time today to discuss the growth in women in entrepreneurship. Over the past few years as I’ve led Code Together, I’ve started to finally notice some slow growth in the number of other female entrepreneurs I encounter. As it turns out, female-led technology startups are on the rise, and there are a lot of factors to it. Did you know that according to a recent Bloomberg Businessweek article, tech companies led by women are more capital efficient and have a 35% higher ROI than companies owned by men? Continue reading