Major Update Includes Git Integration and Free Plan

Last week we launched a major update to Squad. In addition to the obvious visual update, we made significant upgrades to the way Squad works and what you can do with it. The biggest functionality upgrade is the addition of our Simple Git integration, which allows you to access your Git repositories via SSH and do basic Git operations right in your Squad window. To see what else we updated, just keep reading.

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Big Changes Today!

We’ve been working on some pretty serious changes here for the past month or so, and today we rolled out the first stage of our upgrades! These are mostly back-end changes to prepare for new features, but there are a few that you’ll notice right away.

Team Accounts are Open Again
We’ve opened up Team signups again, since we’ve added some new team-specific features and have more on the way.

New Look for Account Management
We’re making account management easier, especially for teams, so we’ve updated the interface where you can edit your contact and billing information.

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