Introducing Gabrielle Nelson, Graphic Design Intern

Hi, I’m Gabrielle, and for the past twenty-two years I have been designing my way through life. From my first finger paintings to the websites I have recently coded, the arts have always been my area of interest. Not only is being creative a hereditary trait, it is also my dream job.

I started out painting and drawing at a very young age before I became obsessed with writing at the age of nine. Writing continued being a hobby for me in addition to reading, watching movies, listening to music, and playing sports. It was not until high school that I developed an idea of what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.

With an interest in so many things such as photography, networking, writing and drawing, picking a career was quite challenging. There were so many things I wanted to focus on. However, when I finally sat down and thought about it, I realized that the field of advertising really encompassed everything I wanted to do. I also found a great passion for graphic design through making that choice and I believe that is what got me here today.

Graduating from Indiana University is one of my biggest life accomplishments because of how fulfilling my experience was. Not only did I leave college a different person, but I also left with a great amount of knowledge that I do not think I could have ever picked up from somewhere else. I also believe it has been the reason for countless other accomplishments that have occurred recently, such as the forming of my life plan and receiving an offer to intern with Code Together this summer.

Since I am currently planning my future now, I am not too certain what I will be doing after summer. However, I do know that I will continue immersing myself in the world of design and finding new ways to be creative.

Gabrielle has been interning with Code Together for three weeks doing graphic design work. We haven’t made her work live yet, but we think you’ll like what you see when it’s done!

The Learn-to-Code Movement Continues

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Check Out Our Guest Post on!

Last week I had the opportunity to contribute to a great software developer community, wanted to hear about what we are doing with Squad and how it might fit in with the needs of the developer and startup communities. It was a great opportunity for me to think through and quantify how Squad has changed the way I think about development, how it’s affected our team’s development cycles (since we always use Squad to work on Squad), and ways other teams can incorporate collaboration into their culture. Check it out on the blog or find it reposted after the break!

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Squad

You probably know most of what you really need to know about Squad. You know you can use it anywhere you have a computer and internet access. You know your settings and server locations will go with you wherever you access Squad. And you know that if you have a question or a problem, the Squad team will answer your email within a few hours (usually more quickly, but sometimes we do actually need to sleep).

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Welcome to Squad

Welcome to the Squad blog. Like most blogs, we’ll try to post timely, relevant information that will help you in your quest for more efficient and effective collaborative coding. We’ll also post about software updates (hopefully there will be many), issues (hopefully there will be few), and general product information.

The Squad team wants to hear from you. We welcome your comments on the blog, via Twitter, through our support product, or via email to team [at]