It’s a Wrap! Announcing our 2013 Codeversationalists

When we hatched the idea for our first ever Creative Codeversationalist contest 3 months ago, we never could have foreseen what a great contest our readers would make this. We announced the 3 winners and 1 student winner yesterday and could not be more excited about how this competition concluded.

We had 8 nominees with more than 250 votes. Our 4 winners included Craig Buckler of SitePoint, who Ben picked as his personal choice in a blog post a few weeks back. Ben picked Craig due to his “straight to the point” articles which often include specific information about HTML5 and responsive design—two major areas of focus for Ben. Apparently one of Craig’s colleagues came across this post and even penned an article asking for folks to vote for Craig. This strategy clearly paid off as Craig received a huge number of votes.

Andrew Oliver of InfoWorld was also a winner. Andrew was nominated by a colleague and we’re pretty sure he was selected not just because of the great coding tip-filled articles he brings us (see Epic codefest: 7 programming languages in 7 days) but also because of his personal passion for the coding industry. Andrew also runs a company called Open Software Integrators that specializes in consulting, custom application development and support for open source and cloud based technologies.

Also nominated by a friendly colleague was Alex Handy of SD Times. Alex brings the coding community articles that are filled with tips and tricks, along with opinionated pieces that don’t hold anything back (see All good software is dead) and stories about industry events and trends. He is a go-to resource for anything and everything coding related—just the kind of candidate we were hoping to honor.

We round out our winners circle with a female—Lindsey Kuper, who took home the student Codeversationalist honor. Lindsey is a Ph.D. candidate in the School of Informatics and Computing at Indiana University. She writes about her experiences as a researcher and student for her blog. Lindsey is a great resource for the coding community and especially students.

Congratulations to our winners! Craig, Andrew, Alex and Lindsey, we hope that being named Codeversationalists will help make you aware that you are having a real impact on the developer audience and help you feel appreciated for all that you do.

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