Major Update Includes Git Integration and Free Plan

Last week we launched a major update to Squad. In addition to the obvious visual update, we made significant upgrades to the way Squad works and what you can do with it. The biggest functionality upgrade is the addition of our Simple Git integration, which allows you to access your Git repositories via SSH and do basic Git operations right in your Squad window. To see what else we updated, just keep reading.

Simple Git

To facilitate Git integration, we added a new window to Squad. In this window, you are able to add connections to repositories via SSH. This SSH connection allows you to do a number of basic Git operations without leaving Squad. Currently Simple Git supports:

  • git status
  • git branch [newbranch]
  • git checkout [branch/commit]
  • git add .
  • git commit -a -m “commit message”
  • git fetch
  • git pull [remote branchname]
  • git merge [branchname]
  • git push [remote branchname]

Simple Git Preview; click for fullsize image.
We’re open to adding addition Git commands as they are requested. Simple Git is designed to help you get your code, edit it, and get it committed as quickly and easily as possible. We do want to live up to the simple part of the name Simple Git, so we’re not planning to incorporate every conceivable command. Your best bet for extensive Git work will still be the terminal, but for quick edits Simple Git should cover the majority of needs.

The Free Plan

When the current team came to Squad in February 2011, there was very little functionality to distinguish between the existing free plan and the highest level Team plan, so we killed the free plan and worked on improving the Team plan. With the addition of team management, workspaces, and Dropbox and Git integration, we’ve decided that we can now offer a free plan while also providing significant value with the Solo and Team plans. You can check out the different plan features on our home page and see which one is right for you. As always, you can switch between plans whenever you need to by going to the “Account” menu and selecting “Billing Info.”

New Look, New Flexibility

Our new look involved a significant rethinking of the way you use a code editor. For instance, we discovered that sometimes you want to be able to see two files simultaneously. To enable that convenience, we’ve added the capability to have multiple editor windows within Squad. Windows allow you to view files side by side, and to move file tabs to different windows. Windows also allow you to set up your workspace just the way you like it: you can close chat, file browser, and Simple Git, have them share a small window while you work in a main window, or just about any arrangement that works for you. Chat, the file browser, and Simple Git are always accessible via the icons in the toolbar.

We hope these updates make Squad easier and more powerful for you. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to leave a comment here, connect on Twitter, or send us an email.

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