Mentorship: A Match Made in Coding Heaven

In the hustle and bustle of your job (or trying to find a job!) it may be easy to overlook the value of mentorship, but we’re here to remind you today about the impact great mentors can have. We’ve all had a mentor in our lives, whether or not we recognized it at the time. Entrepreneurs are almost obsessive about having mentors, and chances are you can identify someone in your life who helped show you the ropes when you started some new endeavor. Mentors are people we can talk with, seek advice from, and hopefully form very strong bonds with.

Just as mentorship is important in entrepreneurship and other areas of our lives, it is vitally important to your growth as a programmer. As with learning any new subject, it’s very helpful to have someone who knows how to do it show you the tricks of the trade. A mentor can help you when you are stuck on a new piece of code, or show you easier and faster ways to tackle a problem. And not only is mentorship important for a mentee, but it also provides benefits to the mentor. Mentees may ask questions of a mentor that he or she never considered before, or show a mentor a new way of accomplishing an old task. Mentees bring fresh ideas and vivacity to accomplishing a coding puzzle that can reinvigorate an old hand. We think that the best way for mentors and mentees is to work together, either in person or virtually. Working together saves time, headaches, and ultimately money. Check out our Squad video to see some examples of mentor/mentee relationships in coding.

So how do you find a coding mentor? There are many resources available and it really depends on what you need. Here are some ideas for where to start looking: join an open source project, start following developers on Twitter, and seek out local user groups for a particular programming language.

Do you have a mentor or are you one yourself? What do you think the best thing about mentorship is? Any suggestions for up-and-coming programmers?

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