Nominate Your Favorite “Codeversationalist!”

We’re excited to announce our first-ever Creative Codeversationalist Contest! The contest will kick off today, Tuesday, March 26. What is a “codeversationalist,” you might ask? Easy! It’s someone who engages in conversation about coding. We’re looking for the best codeversationalists—those bloggers, reporters, and student bloggers who are your leading sources of knowledge about coding.

These people stand out for their ability to capture industry trends, the latest news, and inspiring tips and tricks, in a way that speaks to all who have a passion for coding. These people work hard and help us to work even harder, and we want to recognize them for the work they do.

It’s up to you! We need YOU, yes you, to nominate these movers and shakers. And if you’re a blogger or reporter, throw your hat in the ring!

So how does it work?

  • We need you to can nominate your favorite Creative Codeversationalist from March 26 to April 15. The reporters, bloggers, and student bloggers who get the most nominations will move on to the next round. Get vocal on Twitter with the hashtag #codeversationalist.
  • The Top 10 nominees will be announced on April 17 and voting to choose the Top 3 Codeversationalists and Top 1 Student Codeversationalist will be open from April 17 to May 1. It’s up to you to encourage your readers to vote for you!
  • The Top 3 Codeversationalists will be announced on May 6.

What’s the student aspect all about? Good question! We know that students are on top of the latest trends—they’re the ones willing to take risks building new programs or learning new languages. Students are collaborative and want to share their experiences to help others. Their knowledge and advice is invaluable, so we have created a special segment just for them. Be sure to nominate the best student bloggers you know!

Are you excited? We hope so! Share your thoughts or questions with us in the comments.

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