Mentorship: A Match Made in Coding Heaven

In the hustle and bustle of your job (or trying to find a job!) it may be easy to overlook the value of mentorship, but we’re here to remind you today about the impact great mentors can have. We’ve all had a mentor in our lives, whether or not we recognized it at the time. Entrepreneurs are almost obsessive about having mentors, and chances are you can identify someone in your life who helped show you the ropes when you started some new endeavor. Mentors are people we can talk with, seek advice from, and hopefully form very strong bonds with.

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The Coversationalist Contest: What Is It, and What Does It Aim to Do?

If you caught last week’s blog post or follow us on Twitter, you’ve heard all about our Codeversationalist Contest by now. But for those of you who haven’t, along with those who still aren’t sure what exactly the contest is all about, we wanted to bring you another post further detailing this effort and what we aim to accomplish.

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Nominate Your Favorite “Codeversationalist!”

We’re excited to announce our first-ever Creative Codeversationalist Contest! The contest will kick off today, Tuesday, March 26. What is a “codeversationalist,” you might ask? Easy! It’s someone who engages in conversation about coding. We’re looking for the best codeversationalists—those bloggers, reporters, and student bloggers who are your leading sources of knowledge about coding.

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Verge Bloomington at the Root Cellar, March 14

I attended my first Verge Bloomington event last night at the Root Cellar in downtown Bloomington. It was exciting to be in a room with a bunch of motivated and interested startup enthusiasts! Verge Bloomington has been meeting monthly since October, and every meeting involves two five minute pitches from local startups followed by a longer-form “fireside chat”—sort of an informal keynote. At this month’s meeting, I spoke about Treaty for five minutes, followed by Tony Schy from Jeffersonville accelerator Velocity, and a very informative fireside chat with Bloomington attorney D. Mike Allen. Continue reading

Treaty is Now Generally Available!

See what’s changed in the past few weeks!

It’s a big day for the Code Together team as our second product, Treaty, is now generally available and ready for its big debut. Treaty is a real-time, collaborative document editor that integrates with existing web applications, allowing multiple users to work together in editing and exchanging documents without ever needing to leave a company website. Treaty was designed with corporate intranets, project management applications, and eLearning applications in mind.

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TinyMCE and cursor position

Our latest product, Treaty, is built around the web-based rich text editor TinyMCE.  We chose TinyMCE as the editor because it seemed to have the most robust API.

Due to the nature of the product, one main function we needed was the ability to set the position of the caret or cursor in the editor.  Unfortunately, there is no easily accessible method of setting or getting the position of the cursor.  After countless hours of researching on the web and combing through the documentation, I was unable to find a suitable, reliable, cross browser method. Continue reading

Encouraging Data about Female Entrepreneurs

I’d like to spend some time today to discuss the growth in women in entrepreneurship. Over the past few years as I’ve led Code Together, I’ve started to finally notice some slow growth in the number of other female entrepreneurs I encounter. As it turns out, female-led technology startups are on the rise, and there are a lot of factors to it. Did you know that according to a recent Bloomberg Businessweek article, tech companies led by women are more capital efficient and have a 35% higher ROI than companies owned by men? Continue reading

The Learn-to-Code Movement Continues

I was a bit surprised when Mayor Bloomberg expressed his desire to learn to code at the beginning of last year. Since then, a coding movement has definitely exploded across the country! This movement got even more publicity this week when, a nonprofit aimed at growing computer programming education, released a video featuring an all-star lineup—from tech titans like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates to basketballers like Chris Bosh. Continue reading

Check Out Our Guest Post on!

Last week I had the opportunity to contribute to a great software developer community, wanted to hear about what we are doing with Squad and how it might fit in with the needs of the developer and startup communities. It was a great opportunity for me to think through and quantify how Squad has changed the way I think about development, how it’s affected our team’s development cycles (since we always use Squad to work on Squad), and ways other teams can incorporate collaboration into their culture. Check it out on the blog or find it reposted after the break!

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