So you’ve got your feet wet with coding…Now what?

We’ve been watching closely as startups like Codecademy and Treehouse have taken the world by storm with their instantly interactive step-by-step coding challenges that gamify the learning process.

We’ve joined in, and relished, the addictive high of one-upping ourselves and our friends by completing levels faster and better, eagerly waiting to devour new courses as they become available.

While waiting for the new material, we still felt the itch to keep playing with our newfound knowledge, but were unsure what projects were reasonable to undertake. This prompted us to look for some fun exercises that we can work on with friends to keep learning and continue building. Here are some of our favorite resources for easy-to-medium programming challenges:

Ten Simple Javascript Exercises

Ruby Quiz



Nifty Assignments

If you need some guidance on how to approach your coding projects, check out How to Take Your First Coding Project from Start to Finish at LifeHacker.

So, pick a project, grab a friend, sign-up for a free trial of Squad and dive in!!

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