Squad Announces Dropbox Integration!

Last week we added a great new feature: Dropbox integration. You can now edit your Dropbox files collaboratively, just like you edit local files and SFTP/FTP files.

To set up a Dropbox location, login to Squad and select “Add” in the File Browser. Select “Dropbox” from the Protocol list, and then name your connection (optional). You can specify a path if you wish, but this, too is optional. Once you click the “Add” button, you will probably see a message that says “Squad was unable to access your Dropbox account.” This is expected, since you must explicitly allow Squad to access your account. To do so, click the link that says “Click here to activate.” A new browser tab will take you to a Dropbox page that either asks you to log in (if you are not already logged in to Dropbox) and then asks you to click the “Allow” button, or simply shows the “Allow” button (if you are already logged in to Dropbox). Click “Allow” to activate access to your Dropbox account from Squad. You will see a page that confirms this authorization. Close that browser tab and return to Squad. Close the modal window that notified you of the lack of authorization, and click “Add” in the file browser again. Your Dropbox files will appear shortly.

You should only need to go through the authorization process once; after the first time, you will be able to access your Dropbox files right away.

You may also notice that we have modified the way you add SFTP/FTP connections. We listened to feedback from you and some reviewers, looked at many other approaches to the same problem, and tried to simplify the process. In particular, there is no longer a need to type a specific path, one of the most common difficulties in adding a location. The default path is now /home/username, as it is in many similar applications. You may modify this if you know a specific path you would like to access, but this should be sufficient for most applications.

We hope these improvements make your work in Squad even more efficient! We are grateful to the Squad users whose feedback helped guide these updates, and we always want to hear more from you. Drop us a line at team@squadedit.com, say hi on Twitter or post a comment below. We have some great stuff in the pipeline, including more third-party integrations and a few surprises!

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