The Importance of Codeversations, and Our Picks!

We’ve already told you all about our Codeversationalist Contest and also what it aims to accomplish, so we wanted to use this week’s blog post as an opportunity to discuss the whole idea that spurred the Creative Codeversationalist Contest to begin with—the importance of codeversations.

So what is a codeversation? You might be surprised to know we didn’t invent the term! According to Urban Dictionary, a codeversation is “a conversation revolving around code, or coding standards. This can often get heated and involved, if you’re passionate enough about code. Often it will involve the exchanging of code samples to prove points.” As always, Urban Dictionary provides an example of the word used in a sentence as well: “Jeff and I had a long codeversation today about the occasions in whether or not “==” was just used for conditionals or not. It took a while but we got to the bottom of it.” These are the kinds of conversations we love to see. Coders are such a passionate bunch, it’s not usual to hear debates about proper techniques or use of one language over another when you get a few gathered in one room.

These interactions are at the heart of what Code Together aims to provide—collaborative online tools to help web developers work together in the most efficient and intelligent way possible. We want to make it easier for coders to have codeversations. Even if you are flying solo, you can seek feedback from a developer community via Squad. Trial and error and developer (and user) feedback are so critical when it comes to software development. And as coding continues to become a more mainstream initiative, the level of community and cooperation is sure to increase. We hope to spur community and champion cooperation, not only though our products but also through initiatives such as the Creative Codeversationalist Contest.

While we of course have our own codeversations within our tightknit Code Together family, there are a number of bloggers and influencers we look to as leaders of codeversations as well. So who would we nominate as our Codeversationalists of choice? Personally, I have to go with Jolie O’Dell who writes over at VentureBeat. Jolie is my Codeversationalist because she writes about all the things that interest me: business, tech, and web development and design. She offers witty, timely coverage that helps me stay on top of issues and get my work done. Ben’s top Codeversationalist, Craig Buckler, has a slightly different focus, which is understandable since Ben does a lot more coding. Ben says,

I subscribe to a lot of blogs and typically skim most of them, but I tend to linger on Craig Buckler’s articles on Site Point. They are usually fairly straight to the point and more relevant to my interests in HTML5 and responsive design than many others that I tend to gloss over.

More importantly, who would you nominate? You can let us know by submitting your Codeversationalist of choice and a recent example of their work here.

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