Treaty is Now Generally Available!

See what’s changed in the past few weeks!

It’s a big day for the Code Together team as our second product, Treaty, is now generally available and ready for its big debut. Treaty is a real-time, collaborative document editor that integrates with existing web applications, allowing multiple users to work together in editing and exchanging documents without ever needing to leave a company website. Treaty was designed with corporate intranets, project management applications, and eLearning applications in mind.

We’ve worked on Treaty for many months, during which time we worked out some kinks (more on that in Ben’s latest blog post) and also rolled out a beta version to early testers. One tester I was really excited to see come on board is a company working to improve digital fluency. The company contact I’ve been working with said “we are planning to use Treaty to help improve our users’ digital fluency by teaching them to work collaboratively on shared documents, among other tasks.” The company seems truly excited about the way Treaty may change how they can instruct students in the future. Receiving this kind of feedback reassures me that our hard work is really solving an important problem for web application developers and businesses.

Though I previously announced Treaty in another blog post a few weeks ago, what’s different now is that the product is generally available and also the Treaty website has been fully built out with pricing information, as well as an overview page for each of Treaty’s target audiences: developers, enterprise, web applications, project management and eLearning. We also incorporated social media plugins so that folks can find us more easily on Twitter and LinkedIn. So what do you think of these additions? And have you taken Treaty for a spin yet? Drop us a line below and tell us your thoughts!

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