Workspaces are live!

This summer has been a big one for Squad feature releases, and today’s release is arguably the biggest step so far. We’ve made workspaces live, as well as adding a number of other productivity-boosting updates.

We’ve mentioned the workspaces here before, but now that the feature is live we’re even more excited about it. At its simplest, a workspace is a combination of a set of files and a set of collaborators. For example, I can work on files A.html, B.html, and C.html with John, Susan, and Anna in one workspace, while in another workspace I’ll have files x.php, y.html, and z.css open and working with Mike, Susan, and Chris. We’ve added a menu item so you can switch between workspaces without opening a new browser tab.

You’ll also use this menu to create new workspaces and rename existing workspaces.

Team accounts get an unlimited number of workspaces, while the individual accounts can only create up to three workspaces at a time (old workspaces can be deleted in the Settings area). However, if an individual user is invited to another user’s workspace, she will be able to accept that invitation.

In order to make workspaces really useful, we’ve made them persistent. This means that the workspace autosaves, similar to Google Docs. As a result, if you start working at your office on one computer, then leave to continue working at home on a different computer, when you log in to Squad on this second computer your files will be exactly as you left them, even if you didn’t save before leaving.

Additionally, if you invite someone to share your workspace, they will be able to access it even if you are not signed into Squad.

Easier Invites
One beef we had with the old invite system was that even if you were on a team with other people, in order to share your work you had to copy the link, send it to them, and they’d have to open a new browser tab or window. You had to do that for each team member, every time you wanted to share. It worked, but it wasn’t optimal.

The new Sharing menu allows you to choose how you share your workspaces. You can send and email with the share link directly from Squad, copy and paste the link as before, or—if you have teammates—simply check the box next to their name to add them to your workspace.

Those are the major updates for this round. We’re really excited about the new features, and hope you are, too. As always, let us know via Twitter or email if there’s anything we can do to make your Squad experience more pleasant and productive!

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